PLOTZ has been pertaining to the spirit of communication between garments and human beings derived from hints of conspiracy, little secret, and over-excitement. Created in 2007, PLOTZ is the label of Hong Kong Designer Singchin Lo. In a bid to retranslate a natural balance and harmony in its creation, PLOTZ creates highly constructed silhouettes where each detail. Each fold, each dip and wave, each knot is important and contributes to the balance of the whole.

The central idea of PLOTZ design conveys an understanding in fabrics that translates the uniqueness of human body.

Without distorting the originality of clothing, PLOTZ makes every piece of design alive. Not only the design serves the needs of of one's basic needs, but also exceeds one's artistic, creative expectation.  

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Born in 1981, Singchin Lo developed an interest in complicated details in a young age. After spending an academic year as an engineering major in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he transferred to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and, ever since, focused in Fashion Design. During the days in the Polytechnic, His philosophy in design, according to Singchin Lo, is to convey the understandings in flattering woman's body through detailed patchwork and contour silhouette.